PJ Masks

Don’t snooze on picking up one of our PJ Masks costumes. Young fans of the animated series will instantly want to become part of the super group. All items are modeled after the outfits worn by the main characters of the show. Catboy has a blue suit with stripes, Owlette’s is red with a cape, and Gekko wears green showing off decorative spikes. They are all regular kids during the day who enjoy playing soccer, go to school and other activies but transform into crimefighting superheroes at night! Your little one can also join in on some epic action thanks to these PJ Masks. Take a look at our selection for the best, and only, super-powered pajamas.

Jump out of bed ready for a night of adventure in these PJ Masks. There are a couple of different designs to choose from when it comes to these licensed characters. The animated children’s show is full of bright colors which match the jumpsuits we have available. They are decorated with images and designs to represent their characters. Each order comes with a hooded headpiece and more accessories. Any of the PJ Masks costumes is the perfect choice for fans to show off during Halloween, parties, and other themed events.

Make sure you stop the bad guys in these PJ Masks costumes!

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