Police officer costumes are always a fun choice for Halloween and parties. Cop shows and movies are always popular and some of the greatest heroes in popular culture are officers. In addition to regular uniformed cops there are also SWAT team costumes, detective outfits, and even old west sheriff costumes. Police outfits come in basic blue like a standard city cop or brown and beige like a state trooper. Many come with all the accessories you need, including a hat, badge, and belt with prop items like a billy club, walkie-talkie, and handcuffs. There are police costumes for children and adults.

Special Weapons and Tactics units, or SWAT teams are special elite police who handle hostage situations or raids. SWAT uniforms, and the other styles you can get, tend to look like a cross between a police and a military outfit. They are almost always black and often include some kind of armor piece. It's easy to dress up like a detective. All you really need to get are prop accessories. Just wear a suit, sunglasses, and a fake mustache, and carry a badge and a notepad. Or you can be Sherlock Holmes. Wear the uniform and hat, carry the pipe and the oversized magnifying glass.A wild west sheriff is another popular choice. Add a sheriff's badge to a cowboy suit. There are lots of cowboy, cowgirl, and sheriff costumes to choose from.

If you want to be the law, then a cop costume is the way to go. Choose the type you want and get it along with all the accessories.

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