Transform yourself into the most famous sailor ever by dressing up in one of our Popeye Costumes! Popeye the Sailor is a comic strip that has been around for over 70 years and is actually known as Thimble Theatre. Popeye is a simple sailor with the possibly the strongest forearms in the history of mankind. His favorite food in canned spinach and it is usually the source of his super human strength. Even though Popeye is a simple man, he displays Sherlock Holmes-like detective abilities and seems to figure out situations that many others cannot. The comic strip of Popeye has many different, unique characters that make for great costumes and luckily enough for you, we carry them!

Men, women and children can all find Popeye character costumes that will be perfect for them. We even have a costume for infants as well! Women and girls can dress up as the love of Popeye's life, Olive Oyl. She is very thin and fickle, just like a lady. Some of our Olive Oyl costumes are regular and reserved while others are a sexier version.

Olive Oyl tends to be captured by Popeye's arch-nemesis Brutus. Brutus, also known as Bluto is a big, strong, burly man with a big black beard. He and Popeye fight over Olive Oyl with Popeye usually winning. Because these three have a complex relationship, any two, or three would make for a hysterical and fun group costume idea.

Grab that corn pipe, eat your spinach, and waste no more time. Get your Popeye costume today!

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