Red Riding Hood

Embark on a fairytale adventure with our Little Red Riding Hood costumes for adults and children. Red Riding Hood is a classic storybook tale about a girl who is tricked and eaten by a big bad wolf. In the end, a woodcutter saves Red and her grandmother and teaches them a valuable lesson about listening to strangers in the woods. Little Red Riding Hood's timeless story has been retold and her outfit has been remained for different books, movies, and TV shows. Every telling, however, features a red cloak and a picnic basket full of goodies.

Our Red Riding Hood costumes follow a fantasy medieval style including a corset top and red cape. Many of these fairytale outfit designs also include white stockings, an apron, and red skirts. Sexy storybook costumes for women feature shorter skirts and high heels while kid's Red Riding Hood dresses. There are all sorts of styles to fit your preferences. Everyone knows about Red Riding Hood's colorful cloak, but there are tons of other props you can add to your character outfit to make the story come to life. Items like white leggings, fake eyelashes, and a storybook wig can add that little extra something to complete your outfit. Try filling a straw basket with your belongings rather than bringing a purse to your event to fit your storybook theme.

Bring this fairytale to life with a Little Red Riding Hood costume and accessories.

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