Sesame Street

We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street costumes and accessories; look right here! Sesame Street is home to all sorts of cuddly monsters, people, and other creatures. Characters like Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch are favorites of young children. We carry Sesame Street outfits for adults and kids so even grown-ups can get in on the fun. Dress up as your child's favorite monster for a TV show outfit you can both enjoy.

On Sesame Street, people and monsters get along wonderfully. You can dress up as your favorite monster with fuzzy dresses, mascot suits, and TV accessories. A girl Sesame Street outfit is an adorable twist on the original Muppet look. Big Bird and Cookie Monster dresses follow the color scheme and fabric of the character and include a cute character headpiece. You can match your women's Sesame Street ensemble to accessories like legwarmers and high heels that will complement your monster costume. Men's and kid's Sesame Street designs feature full mascot suits. Oscar the Grouch and Super Grover are both great men's options.

This children's television show is all about promoting learning. You can add educational props to your outfit to fit the theme. Add a cutout of your favorite letter or number to your Sesame Street look to create the letter of the day! Embrace learning and fun with a Sesame Street costume this Halloween.

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