Sexy 20's Costumes

Head back to a time of jazz and scandal by dressing up in one of our women's sexy 20s costumes! Whether you want to be a flapper girl covered in jewels and fringe or you'd rather be a gangsta chick, we have it all here! From boas to fringe and fishnet stockings to garters, the 20s were one of the sexiest times in fashion. Prohibition on alcohol only made parties more wild, and jazz was all the rage. Gangs and newspaper scandals rattled the nation during this time as much as women's new short dresses were shocking the older generations. Dressing up in a 20s costume helps capture this decade of rebellion with some flirtatious flair! 

Throw a Roaring Twenties party and let everyone imagine they're in a speakeasy or underground jazz club! You don't have to know how to do the Charleston or tap dance to make it happen. Our women's 20s costumes will bring that theme to life! They're also a sure hit for the woman who wants to feel sexy on Halloween. Dig your high heels into this incredible idea by picking up one of our many flirtatious 20s outfits! We have you covered with our flashy silver, beaded black, and jazzy red dresses. 

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