Sexy 50's Costumes

Searching for a flirtatious outfit to wear on Halloween? Why not go retro with our sexy 1950s costumes? We have everything from Sandy's risque outfit in Grease to a pin up girl look available! Even if you don't plan on spending Halloween by listening to Elvis on a jukebox, our sexy 50s costumes will ensure that you have a great time! The 50s saw the birth of rock and roll. It was the time when the bad girls were wearing tight leather pants and riding off on the backs of their boyfriends' motorcycles. These girls would be found parked with boys at Lover's Lookout instead of the library, and they embody what it means to rebel against being the typical 50s good girl! Images from this time period are full of Americana, and it's always fun to capture this iconic era by dressing up as one of those rebellious chicks! 

Ready to be a 50s bad girl? Then pick up our sexy pin up girl costume, short cheerleader outfit, or don all leather and be Sandy D from Grease! Want to get even more wild? You can be the feminine version of the “King of Rock and Roll" himself with our Sexy Women's Elvis Presley Costume! 

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