Sexy 60's Costumes

Are you ready for a totally far out time? You will be when you order our sexy 60s women's costumes! Whether you imagine yourself as a mod girl or a go-go dancer, you can do it all with our flirtatious 60s collection! The 60s were a time of cultural change, and you can be just as rad during Halloween or your next costume party! From protests over the Vietnam War to bell bottoms and patchwork jeans, the 60s were an iconic period known for its fashion, politics, and music. Hippies changed the scene by rebelling against society with their rock music, protests, and groovy outfits while clubs were packed with partying mod girls. Your sexy look will be just as iconic when you wear one of these great costumes! 

Imagine yourself up on stage at a 60s club in one of our mod girl and go-go girl get ups! You'll be transformed back into this time period with a flirtatious look when you pair these mini dresses with tall boots! They're filled with fun patterns found in this decade to make for an authentic appearance! You can also go with our short dress displaying the British flag if you want to celebrate the British Invasion! 

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