Sexy Animal Costumes

Unleash your wild side by ordering one of our women's sexy animal costumes! Flirtatious animal themed outfits are the perfect mix of cute and risque which makes them all the more alluring. These outfits let you dress up as something completely different while bringing out your seductive side at the same time! Bring out your femininity with these styles which range from a sexy peacock to a "foxy" lady. Flirt with that thin line between being irresistibly cute and undeniably sexy with selections like our cat, lion, and flamingo costumes! We have even more options ranging from husky, panda, zebra, and bunny styles. 

Some of these items are created as a short dress adorned with feathers or animal patterns while others are a mature twist on a more traditional costume. There's nothing sexier than a mix of furs, lace, and feathers, and it's all right here in this collection! Want to get even more creative? Then consider our sexy unicorn, dragon, and frog princess outfits. They're full of bright girly colors and come in playful designs. These fantasy looks put a new spin on women's costumes and are sure to be a hit! Liking this selection? Then go on! Fan out your feathers and strut out for Halloween wearing one of our lady's sexy animal costumes! 

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