Sexy Beer Girl Costumes

Want to serve up some sexiness? Then get an outfit that you can use for both Oktoberfest and Halloween, and order one of our women's sexy beer costumes! They combine seductiveness with a great drinking tradition for a popular adult look! It's every guy's fantasy to be served beer by a sexy maiden, and that's exactly why these costumes have stood the test of time. They're extremely flirtatious and let you be both cute and sexy at the same time! 

These outfits are made to look like classic Swiss, Bavarian, and German serving wench outfits. Most of these are created with a laced bodice, short ruffled skirt, and apron although we do offer different variations of this garb. But serving wenches aren't exclusive to Oktoberfest! That's why we also offer a Mexican and Renaissance looks to spice up your Cinco de Mayo or medieval themed parties. Whatever the style or occasion, men can't resist these beer maiden outfits! Want to accessorize? We've made it easy! Just click on the item that you're interested in, and you'll see our suggestions of separately sold accessories that can help you take this look to the next level! All of these outfits pair fantastically with pig tails and thigh high stockings. 

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