Sexy Burlesque Costumes

Take to the stage this Halloween! You'll draw all the attention your way when you wear one of our sexy women's burlesque costumes! From feathers to silk and lace, these styles are designed with materials that form the ultimate tease. Best of all? Burlesque dancers wear clothes reminiscent of lingerie, so these designs are seductive and work as a playful Halloween costume all at the same time! 

Burlesque is filled with bawdy humor, and burlesque performers always strut across the stage with unapologetic confidence. Get in touch with this side of yourself by dressing in one of these sexy costumes for Halloween! They'll transform you back to the age where theaters were filled with sinfully scandalous entertainment! Go for a more classic burlesque look by choosing one of our corset outfits that come complete with short ruffled skirts. These styles come in a range of bold purple, pink, and red colors that capture the essence of burlesque. Want something even more scandalous? We also sell corsets, fishnet stockings, booty shorts, and garters! All of these options can be coordinated with our separately sold accessories. Fishnet stockings, long gloves, and burlesque hats can all be found on our site and will help you design the look of your liking! 

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