Sexy Medieval & Renaissance Costumes

For that next Halloween party or gathering, why not wear a period dress with a twist like our sexy Renaissance costumes? We have a great selection of Renaissance items that are seductive and fun. Renaissance means awakening, invigoration, rejuvenation, or revitalization and our garb can help invigorated your sex appeal! This style is perfect for creative people who want an temporary escape from the modern era. The Renaissance period is often the setting for live action role playing (LARPing), a role-playing game where participants interact with each other in character. For your next LARPing experience, why not don a wench, maiden or one our other sexy medieval costumes? 

You can have lots of fun with a character that is a sensual, commanding woman. Our attire is also ideal for Renaissance festivals or fairs, which simulate a period of history and have activities, displays, food, beverages, music, theatrical performances and shoppes based on this theme. Most festivals are styled after an English village during the reign of Elizabeth I. Fair-goers are encouraged to wear costumes and get into the act. Thought they are most common in the United States, festivals are held in many locations around the world at various times of the year. 

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