A woman in uniform is alluring, especially if she is wearing one of our steamy sexy police costumes or smoking hot firefighter outfits. Whether you are a corrupt cop out to handcuff the thief that stole your heart or a SWAT officer ready for a mission, when dressed in one of our police or firefighter outfits, you will be sure to get your man! With a range of styles and sizes, you will find one that is just right for you. 

Angie Dickinson was a groundbreaking star who showed how appealing women police officers can be. Imagine how much more steamy her show would have been if she were in uniform! Contemporary officers like Kono Kalakaua from Hawaii 5-0 and Debra Morgan of Dexter show their sex appeal when flashing a badge. A uniformed police office or firefighter creates an atmosphere of authority and confidence and a confident woman has immeasurable sex appeal. When wearing our costumes, be on the lookout for a lot of attention because you will be a standout at any party you attend, especially since bad boys like to be punished by women in authority. 

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