Sexy Superheroes & Villains Costumes

A woman's sex appeal can be more powerful than a locomotive. Accentuate that appeal with one of our sexy superhero costumes and you can wear one to hide your secret identity. We have a variety of choices in a range of sizes. Superheroes are are crime fighters who have extraordinary powers that they use to fight the forces of evil. By having this secret persona, these crime fighters can hide their true identities. This frees them to combat criminals without worrying that the villains will retaliate against them or their loved ones. 

First popular in comics and radio shows at the beginning of the 19th century, these exceptional champions are endemic now and can be seen in comics, literature, cartoons, live action TV and movies, video games and the internet. Many – such as Batgirl – are female counterparts to male heroes, but there are also many who stand on their own. Wonder Woman, the first famous female superhero, originally appeared in the 1940's fighting the Nazis. An Amazon warrior, she dresses provocatively, radiates power and authority and bows to no man. 

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