Sexy Zombie Costumes

Most people think of zombies a frightening and ugly, but who says that they have to be? If you wear one of our sexy zombie costumes, you can be the most sexy woman at the party. Keep the scariness of Halloween and add in a little sex appeal with these updates to a classic look. If you are turned into the undead during a zombie apocalypse, you might as well look seductive! Just make sure to be wary any zombie-hunting heroes with big guns or a arrow meant to pierce you. 

A zombie is a human corpse that has been resurrected. According to some Voodoo beliefs, a sorcerer can reawaken a dead person and they are under the control of the sorcerer with no will of their own. George A. Romero's ...Dead film series, which began with The Night of the Living Dead, changed the contemporary view of these undead create, making them flesh-eating corpses reanimated by a virus. 

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