Dress up as everyone's favorite ogre with our Shrek costumes and movie accessories. Shrek and his loyal sidekick, Donkey, have gone on three major adventures in the films. They have saved princesses, thwarted evil spells, and learned a lot about each other. Kids and adults will look great in a movie character outfit from these funny films. Shrek is a simple swamp ogre who is pulled into the adventuring life when his home is threatened. His garb is pretty simple, featuring a white shirt and brown vest.

On his adventures, he meets Princess Fiona who wears a gorgeous green dress. She later turns out to be an ogre as well and helps Shrek in his adventures. Other characters like the Gingerbread Man and notable fairytale characters show up in the course of the stories, and they all have fun quirks left out of the original storybook tales. A mascot suit is an excellent way to recreate a Gingerbread Man character, while Shrek masks or face paint can help you make an ogre outfit. Green gloves, boots, and stomach padding can also help you match your stature to Shrek's.Shrek is at its core, a fairytale. Add to your outfit with fairytale accessories like magic wands, medieval pouches, and toy weapons.

Make your own adventure this Halloween with Shrek character costumes and props.

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