If your little boy is obsessed with Skylanders like most are, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. This video game is a huge hit, so it doesn’t surprise us that your child loves them; we all do! Anytimes Costumes has a great selection of Skylander costumes, made to turn heads everywhere you go. These heroes were protectors of their planet, until they were attacked by an evil force and then banished to Earth.

Although they looked like measly plastic toys on Earth, on their planet, they were known to be fighting machines, protecting what was theirs. Sounds like the ideal hero, right?! Now your child will be able to transform themselves into a crime-fighting space man with each stitch on these Skylanders costumes. So, we hope they know the elemental categories each Skylander is made up of (Earth, Air Fire, Magic, Water, & Tech), they are going to have to play the part on Halloween in this gear!

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