Oh those lovable blue and white characters are making their way into your Halloween this year. Why not dress in one of our Smurfs Costumes and have an all out wacky time? You might me stepping out of your mushroom house solo as Pappa Smurf. Maybe you're dressing-up the kids as any number of the other Smurfs. Maybe you just want to wear one of those fluffy flappy white caps? Whatever the reason you want to let the smurfy mayhem into your Oct. 31st, we have the costumes for you.

Sure the Smurfs are a cartoon. Sure, most like it'll be your little ones who will want to dress as Greedy, Clumsy or even Grouchy. But our collection is unique in that we provide all shapes and sizes of Smurf costume for all shapes and sizes of the folk who might want to wear them. And we have heads and masks to if you only want to commit halfway to being a Smurf. To be sure we have plenty of outfits to choose from for the Smurfette in your house too. There is the full usual cartoon-y Smurf wear as much as other blue, white and red clothes of a decidedly sassy, sexier cut.

  Really, whether you've been influenced by their T.V., show or the recent The Smurfs movie, we have the Smurf Costumes for you.

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