South Park

Transform yourself into one of the characters from the most vulgar, most hilarious cartoon shows on television. South Park has been a hit TV show since 1997, and has not eased up on their inappropriate jokes since Make sure to bring your potty mouth when wearing this costume, just make sure Mom isn’t around to put soap in your mouth. Wearing a South Park costume, you better make sure you have 3 friends who can add to your ensemble. After all, who is Cartman without his 3 equally vulgar buddies, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle? Anytime Costumes has the greatest selection of South Park Costumes, perfect for a great laugh this Halloween. 

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If you truly are a South Park fan, then you would remember the infamous episode about Kyle trying to cross-bread an elephant and a pig in order to win 1st price at a Science Fair. Or, who would forget the Scientologist episode, when Stan scores incredibly high in Thetan Levels, making him the reincarnated Scientologist founder. This is hilarious stuff! So, make sure you thank creators Stone and Parker, for allowing the show to be on air for over 15 years.  These famous fourth graders are a complete riot! Have the best time with these South Park costumes.

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