Spice Girls

We hope you have your 4 other girlfriends already picked for this costume! After all, dressing up as the biggest British pop phenomenon since The Beatles, you are going to have your work cut out for you this year!  Are you the sporty one out of all of your friends? How about the most posh, or scary? Maybe you’re the baby out of the group, or have beautiful ginger-colored hair? Can you guess who we are talking about, yet? You guessed it! Spice Girls are legends for 90’s kids, and now millennials can experience the hype with this gear from Anytime Costumes. So, make sure you put your hair in pigtails, Spice Girls, you 5 will be taking it way back on Halloween.  

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In order to be the greatest girl group of all time this year, you have to play the part. Practice your British accent, and make sure your vocal cords are on point, because everyone will want you singing “Spice Up Your Life,” because that’s exactly what you will be doing to 90’s kids at the party. Enjoy the fame for the night!

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