Stick Masks

Venetian masks are a staple for any Mardi Gras costume, and stick masks are great way to achieve that signature Carnival look. Wand masks are a convenient and elegant solution to your Mardi Gras and masquerade needs. Instead of being tied around the head, domino half masks are attached to a stick which party guests may hold in their hand. This allows the wearer use of their entire face if they need to eat, talk, scratch an itch, or any number of issues that might come up while wearing a mask. This style of Venetian mask became popular as masquerades and casual parties became more prevalent in popular culture.

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Wand masks typically feature Colombina style half masks. The Colombina mask is named for an actress by the same name who wanted to show off her beautiful face through her mask. This style is great for women because it is lightweight and easy to adorn with feathers, jewels, and gold inlay. The stick allows you to become masked or unmasked at your leisure. If you need to take a photo or have a bit of fun with your outfit, you can instantly place your Mardi Gras mask on your face. For snacks or conversations, you can lower your mask for a bit more practicality.

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