Super Mario Bros

From one of the most popular video games ever we bring you our Super Mario Brothers Costumes. Bright colors, silly styles and over-the-top cartoon fun will be yours this Halloween as you outfit yourself as characters from this super cool Nintendo game. Looking to save Princess Toadstool or just get out for some wacky fun, either way these outfits we feature will make your night. With bricks and war pipes dodging your every step some Halloween revelry will do you a world of good!

Super mushrooms, Fire Flower and coins means this cartoon video landscape is certainly rife with bright colors and crazy characters. This is what makes it so much fun to wear Mario Bros. costumes. So many people attend Halloween parties as witches, historical figures or the latest Hollywood movie icon; you're going to have pure fun this year dressed as Mario, Luigi or any of a number of citizens from the Mushroom Kingdom. And yes, the brothers are surely male but we don't discriminate with our outfits. Ladies can enjoy dressing-up with a big fake belly under blue overalls. And don't forget that handlebar mustache and a hat. We have props and pieces in this collection too.

Beware the Minus World, battle the obstacles and get to ordering our Super Mario Brothers for this years' super Halloween fun.   

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