Dedicated to protecting the public, superheroes are often forced to conceal their true identities. This Halloween, give the Justice League the night off and keep peace at the Halloween party dressed in a superhero costume for teens. Dress up as your favorite hero or heroine and inspire awe in all who see you. Hal Jordan is just an ordinary guy until before coming into possession of the power ring. This ring is so powerful, it gives the bearer immense control over the physical world. Dress up as his alter ego in a teen superhero costume. The Green Lantern uses his power for the benefit of mankind, creating and destroying things at will. 

Superheroes & Villains

After seeing his parents murdered as a young boy, Bruce Wayne vows to avenge their deaths and uphold justice to the best of his ability. To do this, it is important that he conceals his true identity. The Caped Crusader is famous for his back bat mask and cape. He uses his vast fortune on technology and equipment that will aid him in his quest, and he constantly exercises his mind and body to be able to compete with criminals. 

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