TV & Movie Teen Costumes

Featuring a wide variety of outfits inspired by everything from horror movies to kiddie cartoons, our selection of TV and movie costumes for teens include lots of great options. TV personalities and celebrities will be just as popular as old classics like comic book superhero costumes. Television characters often inspire awesome teen TV and movie costumes. Hello Kitty came to the US from Japan in 1976, starting out as nothing more than a cute image printed on a coin purse. Though the little white cat wearing a red bow was originally designed for young girls, the character became popular with teens and even adults. 

Now, Hello Kitty is the star of TV shows and theme parks, and her image appears on everything from clothing to school supplies. Not surprisingly, Hello Kitty inspired Halloween costumes are still super popular. Some movies, like Alice in Wonderland, feature so many awesome characters, it is hard to choose just one to dress as. If you are feeling a little bit mad, take solace in knowing that all the best people are, and dress up like the Mad Hatter this Halloween. Make sure to see our accessories pages for the perfect hat to top off this wonderland favorite. 

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