Hosiery, Undergarments & Tutu's

Accessories like stockings, tights, and socks come in a variety of styles and patterns. In addition to keeping you warm on chilly October evenings, this leg wear can be a vital part of you costume. Nylon was discovered in the 1930s by researchers trying to find an alternative to silk. The material was first used in things like fishing line and tooth brush bristles. Everyone was very impressed with how well nylon could stretch without tearing. Finally in 1940, it came to be used in hosiery for both men and women, a much more comfortable and convenient alternative to more exactly fitting tailored pairs. Only a few years later, nylon production in stockings was halted and dedicated instead to production of goods for the war, such as tents and parachutes. Once stockings came back on the market, stores were mobbed by women eager to purchase a pair. 

Fishnet came to America from France in the early 1900s. Until the 60s, they were only seen on pinups and hookers. The stockings only became popular in the US around the 1980s and early 90s, though they were still seen as a more edgy accessory. Wearers of alternative and punk styles wore black fishnets under ripped jeans and with other outfits to complement gothic styles. 

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