Toy Soldiers

A-ten hut! You'll be ready to go in a moments notice to protect whoever needs it when you dress up as a Toy Soldier! One of these costumes will be great for any Christmas party you attend. You can also wear one of these costumes at a department store Santa set up or anywhere there may be a Christmas scene. Toy soldier costumes are great because it is a nice alternate to a Santa or elf costume. Both men and boys can dress up and pretend to be a toy soldier! 

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Toy soldiers are generally made out of wood and march very stiffly. This is cool because you'll be able to pretend to do the same and march around. Our costumes have different looks and styles so even though you and someone else may be both toy soldiers, you can bet that you'll look unique! Not only are these costumes great for Christmas parties, but also they are also appropriate to wear if you are a part of The Nutcracker performance. You won't look exactly like the nutcracker but everyone will know what you are supposed to be. 

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