There's almost nothing cooler than a Transformer. The fast cars and even faster planes, shifting and changing into an awesome, armed robot, make the Transformers one of the sweetest action heroes out there. You can jump into the action, right there with them, with one of our Transformer costumes for boys. You can be Bumblebee, the protector, or Optimus Prime, the leader. Maybe you hate rolling with the good guys and want to be Megatron, the villain. Any of these can be you, you just have to use your imagination, and a Transformers costume wouldn't hurt. 

Picture your favorite vehicle. Maybe it's a motorcycle or a sweet convertible or a Jet. Now picture that vehicle transforming in front of your very eyes to be a giant robot that no one would ever mess with. You don't have to be from Cybertron to jump into one of these awesome outfits. It's time to save the planet from a Decepticon attack, or destroy it and make it yours. Can you hear the gears moving and the wheels turning as you switch from machine to a fighter bot? 

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