Our tutu costumes are just too-too much! When you need one special item to make your wardrobe complete, a tutu is just the thing. It is a great accent for just about any sexy costume or a flirty way to electrify any ballet performance. If you need to dress for a rave, which has inspired its own style of dress, a tutu is just the thing. The goal for rave fashion is to stand out, so purchase one of our brightly colored items or choose an LED light up one. 

Classical tutus were introduced at the end of the 19th century so that the ballet audiences could see the fancy footwork of their ballerinas. The name is derived from the French slang for bottom; commoners were often seated in the lower levels during performances and could often look up at the ballerinas and see their derrieres. The first tutus were many layers and styled to the knee, giving dancers greater mobility. As the years progressed, the tutu got smaller. Our styles are even shorter, giving the wearers lots of mobility and sex appeal. 

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