TV & Movie Accessories

Imagine a world without accessories, a world in which Spiderman had no Spidey web to shoot and Luke Skywalker had no light saber to battle with. Lady Gaga just wouldn't be herself without a crazy wig, and...we don't even want to think about a Cat in the Hat with no hat. The point is, TV and movie accessories are very important if you'd like to have a successful Halloween costume. 

Our TV and movie accessories include important props and must have additions to your outfits, as well as creative ways to make your costume come alive that you probably haven't even considered. Does your character have facial hair? It is unlikely that you will sprout a beard over night. Buy the perfectly groomed and styled faux fur to transform yourself into the celebrity or TV personality of your choice. Get your gloves, boots, masks, microphones, heck, even your googly eyes and prepare to be complimented on the fine points of your costume. 

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