Over the course of centuries, the corset has undergone a lot of changes both in style and popularity. Women used this undergarment to create an ideal hour glass figure. Browse Anytime Costumes' variety of Corsets, Tutus, Skirts and Petticoats, and add one as the perfect accessory to your next costume or outfit.

Today, corsets still make a very popular undergarment, though typically used for special occasions. They help create a smooth, tight look underneath tight fitting outfits. Corsets and tops made to look like them are great for Victorian and Steampunk style costumes, or for a sexy bedroom treat. With so many different styles and colors, you are free to use your imagination to create a stunning ensemble for wearing out or staying in. Other great undergarment accessories such as petticoats and stockings are great for layering with dresses and skirts for a more complete look. 

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