Venetian Masks

Venetian masks are widely known as the signature mask of Mardi Gras. Carnival is celebrated around the world with outlandish outfits, elaborate masks and huge parties. You can start your Carnival costume out on the right foot with one of our beautiful Mardi Gras masks. These festival accessories come in several different styles. Half-face designs like the Colombina and domino masks are a popular modern option. More traditional masquerade masks include full face plates like the Bauta and Volto designs.

Full Venetian masks can be extraordinarily detailed and hint at characters like devils, jesters, and kings. Long nose masks draw inspiration from Italian plague doctor's masks and can give your ensemble a unique look. During the Black Plague, doctors would fill the beak like receptacles in the mask with herbs and flowers to combat the effects of the disease. The image of Renaissance doctors has made its way into popular culture with these bizarre Mardi Gras accessories. The shape of your Carnival mask is one aspect to keep in mind while selecting a festival outfit, but you might also want to consider the means by which the mask is worn. Typical facemasks are tied in back by a ribbon or held on with an elastic band. A stick mask is a great option for a casual Mardi Gras costume and can be put on or removed at a moment's notice.

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