Walking Dead Costumes

Planning on going in scary and not silly this Halloween? Well nothing will have heads turning your way and shrieks following you better than our Walking Dead Costumes. From the popular AMC show taken from the equally popular graphic novel, our modern zombie look is the high end of flesh-eater couture. Like witches and mummies zombie's are a classic Halloween staple but these outfits are the latest and coolest. Guy or gal, when you start shuffling your feet for some fresh human meat our Walking Dead Costumes can't be beat.

Zombies pretty much stand-out in a crowd as it is. But just wait until your fellow partiers recognize from just what T.V. show you're decomposing from. The real fun of dressing-up in our Walking Dead wear is that you can be either a good guy or a bad dead one. From Rick Grimes sheriff deputy clothes to those rags that just seem to fall off you, these outfits represent every spectrum of the show. Whether that party you're going to is in Kentucky, Georgia or even a state where Walking Dead does not take place you'll be ready to chase or be chased. Get the kids involved too as we have costumes in this collection for all sizes. And with outfits we have plenty of props too.

With the zombie apocalypse here so don't wait any longer! Look through our Walking Dead Costumes now.

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