Wizard of Oz

Your fellow party guests will be just green with envy. Dressing in any one of our Wizard Of Oz costumes will see you outfitted as one of the most recognizable characters for your Halloween celebration. Whether you're off to see the wonderful wizard solo or your dressing the entire family in costumes from the movie-and Toto too!-you're sure to be a big hit. Really, who doesn't know the classic Frank Baum story and who wouldn't want to dress as the Tinman, The Cowardly Lion or Dorothy…oh my!

Sure, you're expecting little girls to respond best to this collection. But big girls, and big boys, like to dress up in our various OZ outfits. It's a great big green classic of a story everybody knows and loves. And we don't just have so many different outfits. We sell OZ toys and props too. We have various Toto's right in his basket and Ruby Red slippers to fit any size foot.

And for older 'girls' we even have some OZ outfits that are downright Wicked. And we have all the extra little pieces that go with this more modern look. There are plenty of Dorothy's and witches who'd rather strut and shimmy down the yellow brick road to their party.

There's no place like our collection for the very best Wizard Of Oz costumes.

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