Women's 20's Costumes

Our flapper costumes for women are based on the popular fashion trend in the 1920s that was all about freedom. Young women flaunted their contempt for the “rules” by wearing shorter dresses, shorter hair, and lots of makeup. This Halloween, flaunt your freedom loving side with a flapper costume for women. Unencumbered by corsets, long skirts, and elaborate hairstyles, women were free to dance the night away, smoking, drinking, and having a grand old time. Channel this fun loving energy with a great dress up idea. With so many pretty flapper dresses to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your style and personality.

Women's flapper costumes usually consist of short shift dresses, fishnet tights or stockings, and dazzling accessories like feather tiaras and jeweled head bands. Shift dresses are typically embellished with fringe to add movement to the dress while dancing. Light catching sequins and lacy accents added glamour to these otherwise simple silhouettes. Top off your costume with a short bobbed wig and sparkly head band. 

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