Women's 50's Costumes

Rock around the clock in perfect sock hop fashion while you look smashing in your choice of women's 50s costumes. All the guys will be talking about you in your poodle skirt as you dance circles around them in your saddle shoes. In a classic 50s Dress, take yourself back to a time when all the latest rock and roll songs could be played for a quarter on the juke box. If you're feeling a little sassy, make the boys swoon dressed as a car hop girl. With your ponytail swinging, you'll bring them a milkshake for two. 

The iconic movie, Grease, is the epitome of 1950s culture and style. Channel your inner bad girl in a sultry Sandy costume. In this ultimate 50s costume for women, you'll look so sexy sporting sleek black pants and bare shoulders. For a more authentic look, top it off with a classic Pink Ladies Jacket. You'll look so smoking that John Travolta himself won't be able resist singing a duet with you. Just don't forget to bring a comb in your back pocket in case your boyfriend needs to slick back his hair! 

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