Women's 60's Costumes

60's costumes are always fun choices for Halloween and dress up parties. The bright, vibrant colors and the funky patterns make for eye catching visually engaging ensembles. There is a lot of variety in this category as well. You can be a folk music singing, fringe vest wearing hippie, or you can be a stylish disco diva in go-go fashion. The 60's revolutionized culture and fashion, which lends itself to some fantastic costume ideas. These wild and imaginative outfits can make you the highlight of the Halloween party. Relive your glory days and dress up in a fun Women's 60's Costume. Search through our collection and order your favorite today! 

From protests to parties, the 1960's generation did it all and they burst out of the boring conformity of the 50's with a unique style and attitude that has defined their generation. The fashion of the decade was equally unique and our 1960's themed costumes capture that wild spirit. This category runs the gamut with every style and social group of that decade included. Dress up in something outlandish and be the most recognizable person at your costume party. Technicolor dresses, peace sign necklaces, or colorful headbands are all fun accessories you can add to amp up your ensemble a little bit. 

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