Women's 80's Costumes

While pondering iconic woman of the 1980s, most people first think of Madonna. She was a sex symbol for the decade and her clothing was certainly unforgettable. With bright neon colors, a big hair bow, mesh top, lace skirt and gloves you can easily recreate her look. Since Halloween traditionally has a horror theme, Elvira is another woman of the 80s that could undoubtedly fit the motif. She's not only sexy, but easily identifiable too. If you want a wilder costume, take some tips from Cyndi Lauper's wardrobe and you're sure to end up with the perfect 80s outfit. 

The 80s featured a lot of great music, and each scene came with its own unique style. Rap was starting to come into its own, and there were outrageous outfits galore (look no further than the Salt n Pepa video for 'push it' for an example). The 1980s pop and new wave scene inspired many awesomely bad costumes and women's hair styles that can be easily recreated with enough hairspray or a punk rock wig. 

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