Women's Animal & Bug Costumes

There is something innately sexy about dressing up as an animal and allowing your more primal urges to take the lead for just one night. Maybe this is the reason why one of the sexiest super villains is Cat woman; it certainly isn't just because of her witty banter with Batman. It's the costume that clings to every curve and the way she moves in knee high boots. Not to mention, every man loves a bad girl who can wield a whip. Dressed in an animal costume, every woman gets a turn to be the bad girl, either with our without the whip! 

 Being a cat, licking your paws and swishing your tail aren't the only possible option for Halloween. How about being the Big Bad Wolf? Wolves have a reputation all their own. They've stalked the three little pigs, terrorized little Red Riding Hood and blown down houses. There's also something sexy about being a wolf as women in these animal costumes can be the ultimate hunter and seductress. 

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