Women's Capes & Robes

Sometimes you find that costume that looks just right but is missing that one accessory to really make it the perfect outfit for your party or Halloween. Well this accessory could very well be a great looking Cape or Robe! Capes and robes complement many different types of looks and come in different lengths, textures and colors. We have all of the best quality capes and robes at the cheapest prices so you'll want to be sure to check them all out! 

Some costumes that can definitely use a cape include vampires and witches! These will accentuate your original look while adding something to it. These capes come in different lengths. Some of them are floor length while others are more like capelettes and only fall to the middle of your back. You can use a red satin robe for a vampire outfit or a black sheer cape to make that witch costume really stand out! 

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