Women's Cowgirl Costumes

Beauty and brawn, there is no doubt that women of the west were tough cookies. Tenacious cowgirls earned respect contending with criminals and fast-talkin' prospectors. Dress up like your favorite sharp shooter or saloon sweetie from our wide selection of cowgirl costumes. The pioneering age was one of adventure and opportunity, and these iconic ladies carved out important niches in society. 

Make an appearance as superstar markswoman Annie Oakley in our rootin' tootin' Annie Oakley Adult Costume, made to look like authentic cowhide. By the young age of 12, Oakley could rival any gun slinging cowboy in the west. She joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, and amazed the audience as she split cigarettes and playing cards with rifle bullets! Don dazzling ensembles of sexy showgirls and saloon women with costumes like our Can Can Cutie or Sexy Speak Easy Saloon Girl. All dolled up in lacy dresses, these women of ill-repute held their own with tough patrons including crooked gamblers, stage coach robbers, and rugged cowboys. Though some frowned upon their revealing garb and occupational flirtation, these ladies realized their opportunity to escape dull farm life. 

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