Women's Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

Channel the exotic with our Egyptian and Arabic style costumes. You will tempt the fates of the evening dressed in strikingly beautiful costumes inspired by Middle Eastern idols, like Cleopatra. The best known Queen of Egypt is a legendary figure both of power and immense physical beauty. Stories holds that she was able to win the affections of such prominent historical figures as Julius Caesar and Mark Antony with her charm. She ruled the throne with grace and poise, and was skilled at winning over allies. This Queen of the Nile lived a privileged life, luxuriously dressed in fine robes and trademark brilliant headpiece. 

Beautiful harem women kept from contact with men outside of the household make the taboo nature of these sexy harem and belly dance costumes even more fun. These women were prized like treasure and lived like princesses in small kingdoms. Their pampered life styles are something to be envied. 

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