Women's Horror & Gothic Costumes

We run the gambit with women's horror costumes; from the silly, to the scary, some classics and even some sexy outfits. This rich genre of literature and film has seen an amazing array of imaginative archetypes, so well known now to our collective cultural mind that styles and types are as easily recognizable as they can be mixed and matched to make wholly new horror images. 

There are the dark priestesses who lure men to danger, transforming from beautiful comely lasses during the day to a blood sucking vamp-ire at night. Ladies who limp and moan like any good zombie would and yes even witches, old hags sporting warts and green faces or a young sexy vixen. Black, charcoal, grays, whites and even starling deep purples and reds slink round the many different good horror colors a woman might find when she opens up the coffin to out goodies. 

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