Women's Medieval & Renaissance Costumes

Rich renaissance dresses with authentic crushed velvet bodices make beautiful costumes for performances. Whether you are impersonating a beautiful Capulet princess or a fair peasant lady, it is easy to get into the spirit of the time at Renaissance parties and fairs. Saucier renaissance renditions are also available for Halloween parties.

One of the most famous love stories of all time, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is set in Renaissance Italy. Renaissance costumes feature beautiful historical dresses, perfect for use in a play or masquerade party. The story of the star crossed lovers is filled with romance, passion, and tragedy. Part of a plan to run away with her forbidden love, Juliet takes a sleeping drought. She fakes her own death to avoid marrying a man her parents have chosen for her. Tragically, Romeo never receives the note Juliet sent explaining her plan, and believes she's really dead. In sadness, he poisons himself. When she finds her beloved dead, Juliet desperately plunges his dagger into her heart and joins him in death. 

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