Native Americans

We all know the cut, style, color and so much of the accoutrements of costuming are very often cliché, extreme to the point of caricature, or simply err on the sexy...especially when it comes to women's outfits. Then there are those costumes that have a goodly amount of faux stitching or modern day materials attempting as they do to recreate an atheistic look and feel of times long ago. We have pow wow-ed long and hard to present the full spectrum of what you're looking to experience when considering our women's Indian costumes. 

We all have so many notions, pictures from historical record and well-worn ideas of what American Indian women were supposed to dress like. It is for this reason you will as much find tribal wear, as princess's costumes as faux fur little skirts to wear to your teepee rendezvous or full tribal party. Along with the often colorful outfits you're sure to find a fine amount of headbands-with and without feathers-beaded belts, moccasins and sued boots. 

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