Women's Occupational Costumes

We've all imagined working other jobs than the one we currently work. From a lady lawyer to a stay-at-home mom and house wife we've all had fantasies of going to a job so unlike our present one. At Halloween we get to stretch these thoughts to illogical extremes and outfit ourselves in the work clothes or uniform of someone we will never be. This is the fun of dressing-up, being able to explore the style and even the attitude of some job you have never done, probably don't even want to try but might find, at least for a very brief time, fun to pretend you do. 

From the stereotypical, to the elite, to the sexy and the blue-collar when it comes to women's occupational outfits. we truly have them all. These are costumes and as such exaggerations of what a woman working these jobs would actually wear, but with authentic color and cut, even the outrageousness fits the station. In no time you could be playing the part of any number of career women, a wide variety of female civil servants or that tried-and-true Halloween staple, the sexy nurse. 

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