Women's Patriotic Costumes

Throughout history women have led the way with their fashions and we lead the way here with our many different costume choices for them. Let's walk down the well traveled roads for the costumes of Historic or Patriotic bearing. A lady could as easily dress as the Statue Of Liberty herself, a frilly prairie lass or a colonial wife if so inclined. Maybe even Martha Washington tickles your fancy? 

But we need not remain in American history's hallways. How 'bout dressing as The Queen of England in a long and intricate draped gold lame dress, complete with crown and scepter. Or even some other figures from infamous times past...well-known women of substance and guile who as much made the time they lived through as made the books written about them. Some saw amazing adventures, some tragic ends, but all were so interesting we still speak about them centuries later just like we speak about the amazing women making history today. 

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