Women's Pirate Costumes

Add some adventure to your Halloween with a plus size women's pirate costume and accessories. Women were typically considered to be bad luck on a ship back in the golden age of piracy, but that didn't stop famous women pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read. These pirate wench dresses and captain outfits are perfect for anyone who wants to show off her love of action! 

All our pirate queen designs are built with your style in mind, but some of these looks are more seductive than others. A sexy pirate costume features shorter skirts, more daring top cuts, and often go well with corsets and knee high boots. Naughty women's outfits will look great with headbands, bandanas, and pirate jewelry. Extra high heels and petticoats can give your look a little extra lift. For a women's pirate design that's more practical for sailing the seas and sword fights, look for outfits with pants or longer skirts. Pants paired with leather boots and flowing pirate blouses can make for an action-ready outfit you can wear for Halloween or a Renaissance pirate festival. Get your look ready for battle with toy swords and pistols.

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