Women's Saloon Girl Costumes

Gunsmoke, the longest running Western television drama was set in Dodge City Kansas. Dress up like the famous Miss Kitty in one of our Saloon Girl costumes. The show stars Matt Dillon as US Marshall James Arness who tries to maintain peace in Dodge, contending with the usual problems of cattle rustlers and bank robberies. Long Branch bar owner Kitty Russel often assists the marshal by providing him with information she's picked up at the saloon. This stunning saloon girl played by Amanda Blake supplies cowboys with a stiff drink and some stimulating conversation, picking up on details that her patrons let slip during their visit.

Sharp and witty, Miss Kitty keeps wily westerners in line, all while looking glamorous. Sexy, saloon girl costumes for women are a great idea for Halloween or a masquerade ball. Ruffled, flouncy skirts are fun to dance in, whether you are putting on a burlesque show or kicking your legs up in true Cancan fashion. Add some fishnets and a matching choker necklace for an authentic, attention grabbing outfit. 

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