Women's Superheroes & Villain Costumes

Don't leave saving the day to the boys! Equip yourself for some crime fighting with our plus size women's superhero costumes. Comic books and super powers aren't just for guys. Marvel and DC Comics have some big names on their female superhero roster. Pick your favorite character from choices like Black Widow, Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. We even carry women's versions of some male superheroes like Robin and Zorro so you don't have to limit your options. 

Even the strongest heroes need the right equipment. Accessorize your superhero character costume with gadgets a super lady needs like gold lassos, braces, superhero masks, and boots. Toy weapons like swords and shields are also fun items to add to your look. Batgirl is one super heroine who makes use of lots of tools. A utility belt full of batarangs, cans, and grappling hooks is a great look for Batman or his sidekicks. 

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