Women's Zombie Costumes

Zombie movies have been popular for decades, and so have zombie costumes. Produced in 1968, Night of the Living Dead is one of the most famous horror films that show cases the image of the undead as we still think of them today. Groaning and slow moving, these flesh eating creatures look almost human. Unable to rest in peace, they roam the earth in search of brains to feed on. 

In the movie, five people find themselves trapped inside a farm house, struggling to ward off the undead. Little by little, the group dwindles as zombies attack and pass on their disease. Zombified members of the group turn on each other and brutally attack. Brains are on the menu when you dress up in a women's Zombie Costume this Halloween. Choose from several undead options. Masquerade as a flesh eating pirate, or sexy zombie cheerleader. Tattered, blood stained attire becomes terrifying when paired with ghastly gray makeup and wigs. You will look like you just emerged from the grave with faux dirt stains. 

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